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Meet Our Staff and Personal Trainers in Clearwater, FL

Dave Amelin – Owner

Dave has been in the fitness industry since 1986 and is known for running very successful, clean and friendly atmosphere health clubs. Dave has managed over 30 health clubs (sometimes 3 at once), opened 8 new clubs, and worked for a national company traveling around the country helping struggling health clubs get back on their feet. With his experience, he has designed the perfect health club in Krunchtime Fitness that all ages, shapes and sizes will enjoy and get the results they need.


Michael Herrington-

Michael Herrington is a Certified Personal Trainer with many National and Board Recognized Certifications.  He is certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine and PTA Global.  He is a Nutrition Coach and specializes in the area of Corrective Exercise.  Michael has a vast background in strength and conditioning and has coached many professional and amateur Boxers, Kickboxers and Mixed Martial Artists.  He has helped many competitors (regardless of their sport) reach their personal best at state and regional title competitions.

Michael delivers quality, innovative and evidence based health and fitness solutions, which meet or exceed his client’s expectations every time.  Whether it is weight loss, general fitness, strength and conditioning or to improve on something sport specific, he will help you not only achieve, but crush your fitness goal.  His systematic and scientific approach will help with muscle imbalances, core function and overall movement creating a program design that ensures a custom tailored fit to each individual’s goal.  Michael has worked with people of all fitness levels and has delivered unparalleled results for all of his clients.

James Hetrick

I have been a trainer full time for the last 11 years. Prior to becoming a trainer full time, I was a 5th grade elementary school teacher for 12 years.
Teaching 5th grade inspired me to become a Certified personal trainer full time. The obesity rate of school age children is on the rise and I was able to observe this first hand. Every year it seemed as if the children would walk into my classroom a little heavier than the year before. So I decided to resign from teaching and become a trainer. My classroom switched from a school to a gym.
My Philosophy is NEW MIND:NEW BODY. I believe that your physical reality(HEALTH) starts with the 60,000 or so thoughts that you have each day. I focus on training the mind to develop new thought patterns as much as I train the body. If you only change the body without changing the mind, then the change will only be temporary. The mind still having the same thoughts about health and fitness, will set up the same conditions to get the body back to the same shape it was prior to the training. If given the opportunity, I will help you to develop new thinking patterns(NEW MIND) that will lead to a NEW BODY.

Gerald McLoryd
Gerald McLoryd has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry.  He is certified through the U.S. Nutrition analysis Assoc. and American Council in Exercise and licensed under Sportelesis.  He has certifications from ACE, ACSM, NSC, and IFPA.  Gerald was a semi-pro football player for a short time and the love of sports has stayed with him his entire life.  As a certified nutrition technician and fitness consultant, Gerald’s nutrition program stresses that there is no universal “cure-all” diet. The only successful weight management program is the one designed for each person individually.  Gerald’s program will fit you and your everyday lifestyle.  His philosophy on training takes into consideration one’s genetics, eating habits, activity levels, work schedules, and other variables when developing a work-out program.  He uses a technique in his training that he refers to as “the pause principle” otherwise known as the isometric-stop training or hold and contract training.   This technique utilizes the entire range of motion while pausing at specific points during the exercise.  Gerald’s slow and deliberate approach makes every movement count and every effort matter.  Form isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.  Additionally, Gerald believes that age is a state of mind and body, one must stay young.  He tries to instill this belief in terms of keeping oneself youthful, especially in ones state of mind.  Talk to Gerald today to start on the road to developing a youthful mind and body.

David Sandman,  NSCA-CPT

David is a personal trainer certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).  He is also certified by the American Red Cross in first aid, CPR, and AED.  He graduated from the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) at the top of his class.  NPTI provides the most comprehensive course available for personal training.  It has provided the knowledge necessary to improve the life of almost anyone, regardless of their current condition.

His training program increases strength, raises metabolism, stamina, reduces fat, rehabilitates injuries, improves conditioning, and overall quality of life.

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